That 90s Party

As a kid, I had the idea that being 25 and adult meant being settled down and successful. Fast forward to today, I am nowhere close to how independent and put-together I imagined myself and my life to be. Honestly, I always wonder, how am I already in my mid-twenties? I am so uncertain of my life path that I don’t even know where I see myself in the next few months. Even my 25th birthday wasn’t how I imagine 25 year-olds should be celebrating their birthday. But who cares? What matters is that I enjoyed my party which I celebrated in style with regression in mind.

A few months back, my plan was to travel to Japan for my birthday week. However, that didn’t push through. With only two weeks left before my birthday, I felt the urge to throw a party. Luckily, I was still able to secure a venue at Centerstage Makati. Once I booked the place, ideas for the party came flooding into my head. My imagination ran wild, but thankfully, I had my friend Cheska to consult about my plans.  She kept me grounded, and my plans feasible.

The first thing I decided on was the theme. With the 90s being all the rage recently, I decided to go along with the hype. It’s fun and nostalgic. It’s perfect.

Since it was a KTV party, I didn’t have to come up with a program anymore. My concerns were the minor details that will bring out the 90s vibe. One idea I had was to make a photo booth frame (sans the photo booth). It was either a plain polaroid frame or the iconic yellow peephole frame found on the door of Monica’s apartment from FRIENDS. I chose the latter. It was easy to make. I only needed a whole illustration board, a marker, and some paint.

Next on my checklist was my costume. Given that I required everyone to come as a popular celebrity or tv/movie character from the 90s, I knew my outfit had to be good. I originally wanted to do a Baby Spice, but that would have required me to collaborate with 4 other friends. Why go as a Spice Girl without the whole troupe? In the end, I decided to pull off Britney Spears’ look in Baby One More Time. #itsBritneybitch

Me as Britney Spears & my brother as Rukawa from Slam Dunk

Since I was doing a throwback party, I looked back on the things I loved most about going to parties as a child, and I remembered little Jacques always left with a plastic bag containing toys and candies. So I gathered some goodies like happy peanuts, milka candy, potchi, flat tops and plastic balloons, and I stuffed them all inside Pokemon loot bags. Hooray for giveaways!

Loot bags filled with 90s candies and plastic balloons

For the cake and cupcakes, I was very specific with the design. I ordered them from Loli Bakes. The cake was a boombox while the cupcakes had customized toppers. The toppers were printed photos of my favorite 90s shows, bands and movies. But majority of the toppers contained my baby photo. Hihi.

Boombox cake

Did I mention that my cupcakes had alcohol content? YAAAASSS.

Chocolate cupcakes filled with rum-infused chocolate truffles, topped with choco buttercream

I didn’t bother much with the room decoration. I only had balloons, but the balloons I’m talking about are the LED kind. Unfortunately, their lights didn’t last the whole night. They barely got through one hour. Ugh. Aside from the LED balloons, I also had a set that spelled out “happy birthday”.

Coming in 90s costume was just one of my requests from my guests. Another thing I asked of them was to bring a baby photo which I displayed on a photo wall. #cute

Putting up the pictures on the photo wall

Baby photo wall

That’s pretty much all the preparations I did for the party. The final touches were securing a bunch of glow sticks to hand out for when we dimmed the lights, and making sure there was a lot of alcohol to go around.

On the day itself, I was a little anxious, but it all turned out great. I was very happy and I was stunned at how much effort my friends put into their costumes. Here are some of them:

Kevin and Nini as Blue Barracudas from Legends of the Hidden Temple

Sam as Dee Dee from Dexter’s Lab & Lou as Pocahontas

Of course, none of these would have been possible without the help of my parents. It was a pretty crazy 2-week preparation. I even got a little bit bossy and cranky on the day itself thanks to the sudden strong rain, all for which I apologize. But I am wildly grateful for their patience and the outcome of it all.

Photo with the adults & Jeremy.

Glow stick king, Renzo.

Finally, for best in costume, it’s got to be Dianne and Harmony. They came as Wednesday and Morticia Addams. IN GRAY SCALE. #slaaaaayyy

So while my other peers may have opted for a more low-key party, I can’t imagine having celebrated mine differently. I have a lot of growing up to do, but I’m not going to force myself to follow somebody else’s pace. I wonder how 26 year-old me will be.


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